The Danish Scheme: The Repatriation of British Prisoners
of War through Denmark at the end of the First World War


Between 11 November 1918 and mid January 1919 almost a quarter of the British Prisoners of
War (POWs) held in Germany were returned to Britain via Denmark and the Baltic ports. The
operation became known as the ‘Danish Scheme’.


Quedlinburg men’s camp – Christmas in Denmark 

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Danish Captain Zeilau noted in his report of 9th December 1918 about the conditions at the camp at Quedlinburg;
they had no Red Cross food parcels, only the filthy clothes they were wearing and many men had to share a bunk without enough blankets,
some were even sleeping on the floor. Zeilau telegraphed for supplies to be sent immediately,
he was concerned that delay would cause a “mutiny”.
After visiting the camp Zeilau went into Quedlinburg town which was festively decorated for the arrival home of German troops.
He spent the evening at a Finnish hotel where he had a good dinner “nothing found wanting here”.



Film "Return of the Interned":
"Scottish moving picture news, return of the interned"

The "Ficaria" and the "Primula" arrived at Leith on Thursday 28.11.1918, having left Copenhagen on the 25'th.
The passengers were 609 civilians, former Ruhleben internees and some women and children.

The "A.P. Bernsdorff" and the J.C. La Cour" arrived on Saturday 30.11.1918 having left Copenhagen on the 27'th.
The passengers on “A.P. Bernsdorff” were 300 civilians from Ruhleben, including a group of coloured musicians, and 300 soldiers, ex pows.
The passengers on the “J.C. La Cour” were 400 pows mainly from internment in the Brandenburg area.

All 4 ships were part of the D.F.D.S. fleet.


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